Art of the Santa Cruz County SandDollar

 from artist, Laura Sutherland


The images will be available on this website soon.


This image is called Triquetra and it is a Celtic knot with a triangular design symbolizes all trinities. Included in this are the eternal cycle of Life, Death, and Rebirth; the realms of Air, Earth and Sea.


The Shell represents the spirit of water. The Nautical shell and the spirals, in water carries the power to flow and change. The Spiral is one of the oldest symbols and reflects the pattern of growth and evolution, and is found in the natural world, i.e. plants, minerals, weather, just to name a few. In a lot of ancient cultures, the spiral symbolize eternal life or life after life…..the energy of life continues on.


The concentric circles design is called The Seed of Life, and is at the center of the larger sacred geometry called, by some cultures, the Flower of Life, and is known by many – it is an ancient symbol. From it derived the sacred geometry blueprint of all of life. It is also called the “Language of Light” and the “Language of Silence”. The circle is one of the most ancient symbols.


The symbol that the blue butterfly is in is called Twin Star Tetrahedron, or another name is Merkaba, and is found in many texts around the world. It is a sacred geometry that is one of many that surround the human body (even animals and bugs bodies etc.)


The Blue Butterfly is a representation of the Blue Morpho and represents metamorphosis. I used it to symbolize the metamorphosis New Earth Exchange is moving through as it recreates new and old methods of exchange. I also have had a profound personal experience with the Blue Morpho.


Crop Circle…….again the symbol of the circles in a spiral. This spiral is part of the Fibonnaci ratio.


The Dolphins reflect joy to me.


Other parts of the design: Sea kelp, and border designs.