The Big Picture

Our mission is to create a just, sustainable and efficient supplementary economy for today’s world, with the flexibility to adapt rapidly to dramatic economic shifts whenever they occur. New Earth Exchange is also designed to be able to function as a complete economic system, should rapid devaluation of currency or other economic disaster occur. To see the founders' perspective, see this article from June 2012 Connection Heatlthy Living and Conscious Lifestyles Magazine.


Connection article June 2012
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Our project is beginning in Santa Cruz County, with the goal of expanding to all of Northern California by 2014. We are utilizing GETS technology to create local business trade exchanges, integrated with local currency systems and local cooperative rewards programs.


We intend to integrate the local exchanges into a single trade exchange, covering all of Northern California, to allow for maximum diversity of available goods and services, while still promoting responsible, regionalized commerce. Additionally, each community that participates in the regional exchange will have its own paper currency and mutual rewards/loyalty program to promote local businesses. This approach dramatically reduces the use of fossil fuels, reduces pollution and creates more well-paying jobs than our current grossly inefficient commerce system.


Our plan create a truly just and sustainable supplementary economy:

Phase 1:  Create a Santa Cruz County Trade Exchange for local businesses, using GETS technology.
Phase 2:  Add local paper currency  for local businesses.
Phase 3:  Expand to include most Santa Cruz County businesses, but only locally owned businesses will participate in the rewards system.
Phase 4:  Replicate the Santa Cruz system in San Francisco, East Bay, and the Sierra Foothills.
Phase 5: Expand and join the 4 exchanges to create a regional exchange for Northern California, forming a stable and sustainable bioregional economy.