New Types of Meetings!

All meetings are optional.

Meetings for signing up and working on profile

Get your paperwork done and profile at least started by attending a meeting in our Soquel office. They are held (almost) weekly on different nights at our Soquel office.

Registration is required and limited to eight people. We want to be sure that all in attendance have our complete attention, so get a spot for one of the next meetings by calling or emailing us soon!

Have a meeting in your home with your friends and earn Trade Dollars!

Due to requests about friends signing up their friends, we are now offering for you to have in-home gatherings with the guest list of your choice. You can make it a social event, or just a signing up party. We provide all the information you need and have either give a live presentation, or answer your questions over Skype. We'll assist in getting all your guests paperwork in, so they can begin trading within a few weeks, or even sooner!

Come to a basic information meeting with a small group in our office

We are also offering smaller, more frequent and intimate meetings at our home office to get you signed up and ready to trade! We will limit attendance to 12 people so everyone can get their questions answered. These meetings will be held approximately every two to four weeks on various weeknights and occasional weekends.

Meet the Community at our quarterly meeting with silent auction!

Our next larger community gathering and potluck is not on the calendar yet. Please email or call us to be on the list for notification when our next community meeting will take place.

We will have a  potluck dinner and desserts, door prizes, silent auction and informative presentations. You may peruse the members showcases  and silent auction while the presentation occurs. You'll have a chance to ask questions about the trade exchange, sign up as a member, or just hang out and socialize. Non-members are also invited to join in the fun and free advertising!

If you have an item(s), service to donate to our auction to raise funds for the Exchange, please let us know ASAP so we can add it to our line-up.


If you are interested in having a gathering in your home, or wish to come to our home office for the next scheduled meeting, or have questions about the larger community meeting with silent auction and potluck, please either email or call us. We sincerely appreciate your help!