About Us

Daz Haela and Langdon Roberts started New Earth Exchange in the spring of 2008 in response to the economic slowdown. They saw their business at their biofeedback center in Soquel drop by almost half over the period of a few months, and more people were seeking their services with offers of trades instead of US dollars. Daz and Langdon have both been entrepreneurs for most of their adult lives, and have a deep understanding and appreciation of the needs of small businesses and their customers. This perspective led them to explore what might be done to make a substantial improvement to the troubled Santa Cruz County economy.


They researched the cause of the economic recession and were in for quite an education. After learning about the instabilities and corruption within the Federal Reserve system, they began searching for a system that was both stable and just, to supplement the Federal economy, and to provide a safety net for commerce, in case there were a more serious economic crash.


With a small group of dedicated volunteers and supporters, they explored several approaches and technologies in their efforts to create a system that they felt would truly fit their needs and the needs of Santa Cruz County. They finaly decided to use align with the San Francsico based Bay Bucks System.


Daz and Langdon continue to run their biofeedback business in Soquel, while they educate the public of the benefits of mutual credit systems, and the creation of a local paper currency by New Earth Exchange. They are currently seeking principal or supporting partners, who are business owners interested in either contributing to or investing substantial funds in this endeavor. The benefit to these businesses will be in social capital and high profile exposure, as well as the knowledge that they have done something wonderful to help the people of Santa Cruz County.


Our Principal Partners to date are:

Center for Transformational Neurophysiology, in Soquel Village

The Connection Healthy Living and Conscious Lifestyles Magazine